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Hair Transplantation

Hair Transplantation

By age 50, about 50% of American men and a substantial number of women-are affected by hair loss, much of which is hereditary. Micro-hair transplantation is a state-of-the-art hair transplantation technique that has replaced “plugs” or larger grafts of hair.   Technique: Most micro-hair transplant procedures (individual hair micrograft restorations) use local anesthesia and are […]

The Recipient Site: Where the ...

The Recipient Site: Where the Science & Art of Hair Transplant Are Applied In the terminology of hair transplantation, the recipient site is where hair is transplanted. It is the area of the scalp where hair follicles and the hair that grows from them are transplanted to correct hair loss. The hair follicles used for […]

When Young Men Lose Hair Befor...

When Young Men Lose Hair Before Age 21   Is Hair Transplantation the Answer?   Hair Loss is commonly thought of as something that occurs only in older men. But it happens in younger men, too—those who are not yet 21 years old.   Because hair loss is generally unexpected before age 21 it can […]

Can gray hair be transplanted?

Can gray hair be transplanted?  That is a question often asked when a person with graying or gray hair begins to experience hair loss due to androgenetic alopecia, the condition commonly called male- or female-pattern hair loss.   The answer is “Yes, gray hair can be transplanted as safely and successfully as hair of any […]

Scalp Skin Conditions & D...

Scalp Skin Conditions & Disorders    Among the most common conditions of the human scalp are flaking dead skin cells (dandruff), excessive oiliness (seborrhea), and oily crusts adhering to inflamed, itchy, moist scalp skin (seborrheic dermatitis). These conditions usually begin while a person still has a full head of hair, and they persist as hair […]

Savings & Loan of Hair fo...

Savings & Loan of Hair for Transplantation   Definition of the Donor Site  When hair-bearing tissue is withdrawn from one area of the scalp for transplantation to an area that is hairless due to male-pattern hair loss (MPHL), the withdrawal is made from the donor site-an area unaffected by the genetics of MPHL. The donor […]

Revising Previous Hair Transpl...

Revising Previous Hair Transplants  Hair transplantation is, in the majority of cases, a cosmetic enhancement that serves a patient for life. Occasionally life situations can change and a hair transplant needs to be revised to meet the patient’s present and future needs.   Can this be done? Is this something that a patient can reasonably […]

Questions to Ask Before Hair T...

Questions to Ask Before Hair Transplantation Hair transplantation is a cosmetic surgery procedure and that means its outcome is on view all day, every day-to the patient every time he/she looks in a mirror and to everyone else. There is no better argument for making certain that the outcome is what the patient anticipated, and […]

Harvesting of Donor Hair for H...

Harvesting of Donor Hair for Hair Transplants  Hair transplant surgery takes hair and follicles from a hair-bearing area of scalp and places them into a scalp area where hair has been lost. The donor site is the scalp area from which hair and follicles are removed. The recipient site is the scalp area where the […]

Hair Transplantation After Age...

Older men with hair loss can be confident that age, in itself, does not exclude them from having hair transplantation. Men are seldom “too old” to consider hair transplantation as a treatment for hair loss.   Men 50 years old and older can usually expect excellent results from first-time hair transplantation. Excellent results are common […]

Hair Transplant Surgery for Ha...

Hair transplantation is an operation that takes hair from the back of the head and moves it to the area of hair loss. The fringe (back and sides) of hair on a balding scalp is known as donor dominant hair which is the hair that will continue to grow throughout the life of most men. […]

Hair Restoration Surgery Risk ...

Hair Restoration Surgery Risk Factors Things That Increase Your Risk for Complications After Surgical Hair Restoration You may think of surgical hair restoration as minor surgery compared to major procedures such a hip replacement and organ transplantation. While those and other major surgical procedures are long, complex operations, hair restoration surgery is not major surgery […]

Hair Restoration and the Scarr...

Hair Restoration and the Scarred Scalp  Baldness (alopecia) secondary to certain dermatologic diseases or scalp injury and subsequent scarring is called cicatricial or scarring alopecia. In medical terminology a scar is called a cicatrix.   The common causes of cicatricial alopecia are injury to the scalp caused by trauma, thermal burns, chemical burns, electrical burns, […]

Hair Restoration – Progr...

The treatment of hair loss, like any other field of medicine and surgery, is constantly evolving in response to new findings from research, new developments in medical and surgical technology, and review of previous experience. Because hair transplants is a form of cosmetic surgery, it also evolves in response to changing expectations of patients regarding […]

Hair Loss Treatments FAQ

Here are some common questions and their answers concerning hair loss and hair transplants.   What causes hair loss? The most common cause of hair loss is heredity. Men and women inherit the gene for hair loss from either or both parents. In men, the hormone dihydrotestosterone causes a gradual miniaturization and eventual loss of […]

Hair Graft Placement: The Fina...

Hair Graft Placement: The Final Step in Hair Transplantation  The final and esthetically important surgical step in hair transplantation is placement of hair grafts into the scalp. A graft is the tissue unit of one or more hair follicles that has been removed from a donor site on the scalp, to be inserted into an […]

Followup Hair Restoration Proc...

Followup Hair Restoration Procedures  Surgical hair restoration is a permanent solution for male or female pattern baldness (androgenetic alopecia). Often patients require a second procedure or series of procedures for the following reasons:   »Hair continues to be lost due to androgenetic alopecia and a follow-up procedure or series of procedures is necessary to maintain […]

Follicular Unit Transplantatio...

Follicular Unit Transplantation & Extraction  Follicular unit transplantation and follicular unit extraction (FUE, also known as the FOX Procedure) are recent and widely discussed surgical procedures for hair restoration.   Follicular unit (FU) extraction is a procedure for obtaining follicular graft units from donor areas on the scalp. Follicular unit transplantation is the surgical procedure […]

Eyebrow & Eyelash Hair Re...

Eyebrow & Eyelash Hair Restoration Surgery  Eyebrows and eyelashes make an important contribution to facial symmetry and presentation of self to others. A person without eyebrows and/or eyelashes may feel very self-conscious about his/her appearance. Transplantation or reconstructive surgery can often restore eyebrows and eyelashes.   Eyebrows and eyelashes are lost in a variety of […]

Combined Medical/Surgical Rest...

Medical hair restoration therapy and hair transplantation are two different approaches to the correction of hair loss due to androgenetic alopecia. Either medical or surgical hair restoration may be the best approach to hair loss for an individual, depending on variable factors such as degree of hair loss, rapidity of hair loss, pattern of hair […]

Anesthesia: Maximizing Patient...

Anesthesia: Maximizing Patient Comfort in Surgical Hair Restoration  An important-and for some prospective patients the most important-question regarding hair restoration surgery is: Will it be painful? Different people have different levels of susceptibility to the unpleasant sensations associated with physical trauma. Those with a low level of susceptibility can tolerate skin injury with a “grin […]

About Your New Hairline

About Your New Hairline  When you have a full head of hair you probably don’t pay much attention to your hairline. Like your other facial features, it is just there—the place where your scalp hair borders your forehead and frames your face.   When you lose all or part of your hairline due to androgenetic […]

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